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     Nick Berezenko has been photographing landscapes for Arizona Highways Magazine since 1989. His large format images convey the beauty of the Rim Country, as well as the rest of Arizona. His art-like and impressionistic “themed” sets--on subjects such as water, flowers, clouds & mountains—hang on the walls of corporate offices, hospitals and museums throughout the state.

     Steve Bingham's web page is entitled A Different View, something he does very well. He made a living from both shooting photography and teaching it. Then after retirement found that, with a computer, he could do anything he could imagine. His photography is art with both motion and emotion. "And so, my art is my joy," Steve says.

Route 66 Dreams

Vulture Mine Ghost Town, AZ

Stairway to Heaven

     Matalyn Gardner, after choosing early retirement, turned a lifetime interest of writing into working as a photo-journalist at which point a love of photography took hold. Matalyn’s desire is to portray the excitement and love of life that comes from being surrounded by the beauty of the land and the people.


Cowboy Humor

Smokin' Payson Sunset

     Lynn Sankey specializes in taking outdoor portraits. She also enjoys capturing the landscapes and the cultures of places she has traveled. As a volunteer for the Arizona Highways Photo Workshops she has had the opportunity to photograph the Navajo and Hopi lands and people, remote Arizona treasures and sites, and the wildlife and seasonal landscapes of many U.S. National Parks. Lynn is a working mother who dedicates her time to raising her children, volunteering in her community, and documenting the beauty of the world.

Navajo Sands


     Patricia Allebrand earned her Master’s degree in Sculpture from the University of California at Berkeley and now creates sculptures that are very small and wearable. She made the transition from sculpture to jewelry because the viewer could be more personally involved with the art--through holding, touching, feeling and wearing. She enjoys making special pieces for special people. Her designs are original, signed and carefully hand-crafted and formed with sterling silver, 14k gold, or both, often incorporating semi-precious or precious stones.

Wearable Sculpture with copper,

wood, turquoise & andalite

Sterling silver &

amethyst bracelet

     Melanie Capps discovered wire-wrapping ten years ago and hasn't stopped creating one of a kind jewelry since. She has had her work in fine art galleries and juried art shows in Washington, Montana and Idaho and has taught wire-wrapping for five years.

     Jim Garrity spent 35 years in advertising art then returned to his first love in art, the creation of fine jewelry upon retirement. He enjoyed combining unusual material in producing "one of a kind" jewelry creations and in collaborating with the customer in the design of custom pieces.

     John Finkey, while serving in the US Air Force, began his art studies in Japan, learning lapidary techniques. In the early ‘80s, he began studying silversmithing, jewelry design and fabrication under master metalsmith Wendell Waters. Designing jewelry has allowed him to express his love of nature and animals. Finkey uses everything from lady bugs to the great cats in his jewelry designs. His southwestern sculptures include cowboys, cowgirls and kokopelli.


Cat Eyes

     Gwen Storybead Zissler was given the name Storybead by a Lakota Sioux woman called Medicine Wolf White Eagle who encouraged her beading. Her work is found in collections across the U.S. and in China. Beading is a spiritual thing for her—a place she goes to find peace. Zissler makes everything from small anklets to full regalia outfits.