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Myra's Art Gallery & Studio

Art for the home and the perfect gift at Myra's Fine Art Gallery


     Amy Abney lives in Pine, Arizona with her husband and four children. She has always loved to paint and specializes in whimsical pieces featuring clean lines, bold colors and simple ideas. Amy gets her inspiration from the amazing world around us and from the simple joys of children.

Morning Hug

First Peck

     William Ahrendt, renowned artist living in Pine, Arizona. Known as a historical narrative artist, Ahrendt paints the American western experience in the narrative form employed by the great painters of the Renaissance and Baroque periods. Ahrendt's work can be found in museums and is collected by many patrons throughout the world.

Comanche Hunter

Awarding the Coup Feather

     Angie Cockle, scratch board artist and pet portrait professional, is a native of England and has traveled much of the world, always keeping her artist eye focused keenly on it’s wildlife, forever seeking just the right animal, the right pose and emotion to capture on scratch board.

Well known for her pet portraits, she continues to fulfill her client’s wishes by capturing the soul and emotion of their special pet.

Blue Heron

Lion on the Prowl

     Sculptor Gail's bronze figures provide a personal glimpse in the lives of her subjects. "That is what an artist does; shares a vision that non-artists must keep only in their minds..."

Broken Hobbles

Testing the Waters

     Jack Greenshield began his art in grade school with drawings and horse sculptures, using his oil painting for relaxation during his career until retiring to the Mogollon Rim country, photographing and enjoying nature at it's finest. Jack's Grand Canyon oils capture the moods of this wonderment, with canyons, western landscapes and horses his favorite subjects.

     Jason Huffman doesn't produce art merely to satisfy commercial demand. He sees for himself with a special awareness and expresses what he sees and feels in his own devoted manner. His art contains a unifying quality of authenticity.


Old Mountain Man

     Carol Kane is an eclectic artist who has done stained glass, pottery, papier mache, porcelain portraits, oils and pastels. Her childrens' sketches have been shown through the United States and internationally to raise money for childrens' charities.

Oscar the Infamous Brahma

     Donn C. Morris, a high school art teacher for thirty-five years, now spends much of his time traveling with his wife and volunteer teaching in Payson schools; and always concentrating on producing art. He works primarily in watercolor, but pencil is one of his favorite mediums as well as pen, and now pastels. "I hope that my work captures my interest in people--their place, their memories, their work, their lives," Morris said.

     Rock Newcomb began drawing wildlife at age 6. He paints in acrylics, working primarily with opaque colors and is especially drawn to subjects with interesting forms, textures, colors and patterns, such as wildlife and ancient Southwestern artifacts and prized fishing lures. He uses his love of these subjects to raise awareness of the beauty in the technology of the ancients, and the welfare of wildlife. His art is in the Smithsonian Institution, the Stockholm Museum of Natural History, the Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum and the City of San Dimas, CA.

                         Mogollon Grouping

Southwest Gathering

     Pat Stacy works in colorful, contemporary and abstract, primarily acrylic on canvas or paper and occasionally mixed media. In her newer work you will find an Entity touched by the light of the Creator as her "thank you" for being allowed to create. Her art shows throughout Arizona and in the Arizona Fine Arts Expo each year.

Quadruvium XXI

Heart Full of Love

     Valerie Toliver’s abilities in composition and design come from various drafting architectural, mechanical and electronic design. She left the corporate world in 1999 and is currently edging her way into the world of fine art by creating paintings that are unusually dramatic for watercolor. She offers classes, workshops and demonstrations at various locations around Arizona. Valerie loves to teach.

Fresh Blooms

Pops Angel